Sandwich Creamery

The Sandwich Creamery is tucked into a small valley at the northern edge of New Hampshire’s Lakes Region, an area through which tourists pass or stay seasonally.

The creamery was established in 1995 and now produces cow’s milk farmstead cheeses in the following varieties: aged cheddar, smoked cheddar, Caerphilly, Coulommier, Jersey Jack, and brie as well as a variety of fresh soft cheese spreads and delicious ice cream.

“The rumors of delicious ice cream inspire the adventuresome to brave the endless back roads in search of the Sandwich Creamery. Knowing that a little of what you fancy does you good, people arrive at the tiny creamery to find a peaceful spot that is well worth the drive. Come share a pint with a friend, see the cows and calves grazing in the field and remember that ice cream is good for the soul.”

The  creamery is an adventure if you visit and an experience if you simply try their product. We are proud to work with such a fine artisan quality company that maintains the integrity of the North country by  producing a product of such high quality.

Take the time to visit the creamery while visiting the valley but first try our Apple Flautas with their  cinnamon ice cream to give your taste buds a true NH experience.